My bigger question is, "When is enough, enough?"

I could change the table where I log my custom errors to include a field for MySQL's mysqli_stmt_error, but is that really necessary?

If I have thoroughly tested my code in Dev, do I really need something like mysqli_stmt_error in my Production environment?

Sure it would be nice, however...

1.) I would have to rewrite *all* of the code I currently have for *every* query in my website...

2.) In this instance, I only care if my UPDATE didn't run because of an error!!

Sure, for debugging, knowing the exact reason would be nice, but as far as Error-handling and the End-User, it is either...

a.) No Update because there was no change (Don't tell User)
b.) There was an Update (Don't tell User)
c.) Some error occurred (Tell User and Admin)

By the time I get to Production - most of the time - my code should be stable enough that you investigate more only when you need to.

So does it make sense to have to build in things to Log and Handle every know MySQL Error known to man?!

What do you think?