Hi everyone!

A question for those of your familiar with Linux.

After several headaches with Windows the past month, I've gotten slightly familiar with Linux, using a Linux Mint LiveCD to access the files locked up on my machine, and to get a little work done while waiting on the repair man.

I've been quite liking it so far, and it's had me tempted to wipe this machine and recreate it as a Linux machine; Mostly to avoid paying yet again for a Windows repair.

It occured to me that all of the software I use, Firefox, Thunderbird, Open Office, GNUCash, Aptana, are compatible. Everything, that is, but Adobe.

I've been researching and learnt that there's a program called WINE that could allow me to run Adobe on Linux. Is that true, or is my understanding wrong? Is it that I'd still need a Windows partition on my machine with Adobe installed there, and basically I access it from the Linux part?

Those of you who've tried this before, were there any performance losses as a result? Most of the work I do is on Adobe; Bridge, Photoshop, InDesign, so I need to be sure that it will run perfectly well and super stable. Anyone?