Hello everyone! In March, I posted my website on this forum for review. You all had very good constructive criticisms about it, and over the last few months I've been making improvements to the site. I figure that although the basic functionality of the site is essentially the same, there enough changes to user features to warrant another critique.


Purpose of
-- To Aggregate and Distribute royalty free music like aggregates and distributes royalty free music from Kevin MacLeod.
-- To foster creative communities outside of YouTube.
-- To provide a more direct connection between me, TeknoAXE, and my users.

Major points of traffic
-- While has not been where most users have entered into my site from, it's traffic is increasing immensely, so I feel this is where I would need the most advice about how to improve it.

-- is an example of the Link_Code_4.php page, which I added a week ago, but is already becoming the major distribution page on my website. It passes along the index to the link that the user clicked on plus the genre of music that the user came from to arrive here. The php code then fetches the correct music track, YouTube video and license information to populate main content. The aside takes the Genre that the user came from and populates an inline frame with everything in the genre in a scrollable list, or an inline version of the genre page that the user came from. It also sets an anchor to the track that the user is currently on and auto-scrolls the inline from to that exact point.

-- is basically where all the categories of genres are listed. This page's use has been diminished somewhat because the drop down menu provides links to simplified categories pages, divided into Techno, Rock, Orchestra, and Misc.

General Changes

-- A CSS dropdown menu has replaced the original toolbar, which has allowed for more content and better divisions of my content.
-- A PHPBB3 forum has replaced the link to The forum itself has been changed to mimic the appearance and functionality of the main site, even though the programming is totally different.
-- Aesthetics-wise, a new banner has been added, and css backgrounds have been applied to tables, main-content and aside sections, and a more subdued background has replaced the older one.
-- PHPBB3 elements have been adapted to some of the main site to show sections where users have posted videos in the forums, to show where I've posted news to my users, and also to provide a user-community toolbar at the top of the page above the banner.
-- The site used to be programmed in Perl. Now it's programmed in PHP.


I would love to know your thoughts are on the site.