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    This Week in CSS—October 7, 2013

    Not to be outdone by our fierce rivals in the JS forum ( ), here is our first list interesting things in the world of CSS.


    What better place to start that with the great things happening here in the forums. This week, CSS guru Paul O'Brien demonstrates a neat way to create a CSS only direction aware hover effect. What do you think of that? (Meh, who needs JavaScript anyway?)

    If you've not heard of SMACSS (Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS), you might enjoy this small video series by Jonathan Snook.


    Paul also has a CSS quiz still running: “Fixed element in responsive layout”. The task is to create a fixed positioned right column block that adapts to a fluid layout.

    What's Hot

    Have you checked out Style Tiles yet? It's the cool new way to present clients with interface choices without making the investment in multiple photoshop mockups.

    With a lot of designers moving towards flat layouts, along with industry giants like Apple with its new iOS7, it's timely to ask—"Does Skeuomorphic Design Matter?"

    Before you rush to your code editor and slap in a bunch of media queries, take a moment to read this short piece on the Biggest Mistake in Responsive Design.


    For those of you who think that responsive web design = run to the nearest framework, perhaps check out this guid to building your own responsive layout: Build a responsive site in a week: designing responsively


    If you are interested in optimizing your CSS, you might like to check out CSSO. As it says on the site—

    In addition to usual minification techniques it can perform structural optimization of CSS files, resulting in smaller file size compared to other minifiers.

    Take a look at any or all of the links above and tell us what you think! And feel free to PM me if you have an great links for the next issue.

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    I am very happy for this exclusive post regarding CSS. What else could better than this. Thanks to for this articles.
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    Thank you, will be reading them for the rest of today


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