Back in my mainframing days, I had a different developer who had a lot of seniority and pull in my group. We had an if statement that we printed out in 10pt type, and hung it up on a six foot high cubicle. The single if statement went from the top of the cube to the floor then back to the top, rinse and repeat FOUR MORE TIMES. That's 36 feet of ONE if statement.

I had to make a change within the if statement and expressed concerns with having to modify it, and suggested retooling it to simplify it as much as possible, but was told there was no time nor budget to redo it (thanks to the other developer). I had to go ahead and modify it. On testing, we noticed a couple anomolies in our test cases, but didn't think it was important. Needless to say, we went live and within a day, we discovered that if statement change caused us to over pay claims to the customer in the excess of ONE MILLION DOLLARS! In ONE DAY! It ended up being a missing end if (gotta love COBOL)

Needless to say, I got called to the carpet, but was able to get out of it because I had warned them ahead of time that I didn't feel comfortable to deal with that statement, but was overridden. That senior developer was then blessed to have to make ALL changes to that statement from that point forward......he wasn't too happy.