In another thread, I just learned some new techniques to avoid using CAPTCHA, but still discourage Spam Bots from submitting bogus Forms.

Now I would like to know, *which* Forms on my website need such protection?

Obviously something like a Registration Form would need that extra level of protection, but what about these other scenarios where I technically am using Forms...

- Login Form

- Rate This Article Form (Members-only)

- Accept/Reject Friend-Request Form (Members-only)

- Submit a PM (Members-only)

I use Forms all over the place, but off the top of my head, you have to be logged in as a Registered Member to use any of them.

The only place where *anyone* can submit a Form would be either my Registration Form or my Log-in Form.

Obviously I don't want to have to add code - and add complexity - to places where it is not truly needed.

What do you think?