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    Lightbulb Getting back into the industry

    About 6 months ago I started considering getting back into web development. This was due to dissatisfaction with my new government job and an uncertain future. Honestly I missed the web development industry. So much had changed since I hung up the towel and I missed many advancements in the industry. In a way though I was waiting for things to change. Now more than ever the internet is a part of our lives. Getting off the track so I will continue...

    I spent the next few months studying online learning resources such as:

    On the 20th September I uploaded my new redesign portfolio website to the internet. I would say that it is still a work in progress.

    Google Analytics tells me that I have had 470 visits so far. No one has contacted me directly from the site but my one of my past clients seems interested in upgrading his website. Most of my work came from word of mouth in the past. Given that I still have a Full Time job working for the government I'm thinking maybe this website is not going to find an audience based on my current employment situation. I am interested to hear what you guys (the professionals) at Sitepoint think?

    PDDesign (Paul Dickson Design)
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