Hi, this is my first post with this forum and I am a bit of an amateur when it come to MySQL

OK I am using the Sitepoint book, Database Driven Website.

I am at the section for installing MySQL. I am installing this on my own Mac (Mac Os X.2.6) so I can test everything locally then upload when Iím satisfied everything works.

I'm trying to initialize the MySQL database in the Terminal Window and keep getting Command not found?

MySQL must be installed properly because I was able to assign a password?

The commands are as follows

[pc-80-192-42-134-st:~] grant% cd/usr/local/mysql
cd/usr/local/mysql: Command not found.
[pc-80-192-42-134-st:~] grant% cd /usr/local/mysql
/usr/local/mysql: No such file or directory.
[pc-80-192-42-134-st:~] grant%

So can anyone tell me whatís going wrong? Is it me?

I don't want to carry on until Iím sure I haven't messed things up!