I am looking for jquery plugin or jquery script to show selected active page.

I will apply class to active element.

Following is my header menu link

<tr valign="bottom"  class="topmenu">
	<td width="317" align="left"><img src="includes/images/logo.jpg"></td>
	<td width="10%"><a href="#" class="topmenu_active">Home</a></td>
	<td width="12%"><a href="#">Tab1</a></td>
	<td width="15%"><a href="#">Tab2</a></td>
	<td width="8%"><a href="#">Tab3</a></td>
	<td width="12%"><a href="#">Tab4</a></td>
	<td width="10%">&nbsp;</td>
I need solution using only jquery not css or any other way.

Any idea?