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    Question Looking for a PHP based DATA cms (DMS?)

    I am looking for a data management system. Googling this returns frameworks like Django for Python, or code igniter for PHP but that's not what i am looking for.

    I am looking for a framwork, or data management system that does this :

    1) Declare all the data i want to manage (example : names, emails, phone numbers, coordinates, and dates), by code or ideally through a control center.

    2) The frameword generates the database, and a control center that lets you add, detete, or update such data. Those forms can and should be auto generated.

    3) The framwork would have a search feature so we can locate the data.

    Basicly an equivalent of wordpress or joomla, but instead of managing content the application would manage pure data, as in tables, managed directly from a control center.

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    I'm sure you would find this easy to do with Drupal 7:

    You can easily create a content type with the custom fields/data that you'd like to store and display, and there are plenty of 3rd party modules that will allow you to customize the way that data is queried and displayed (Views, Panels). It has built in search capabilities. You can do most of what you'd like to do, if not all of it, easily, without touching a piece of code.

    From your discription that seems to be the perfect solution for you. - Bringing The Web To You!!! - Bringing Us Together!!!


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