I am trying to use 2 jQuery navigation scripts on one page (Superfish for desktops and FlexNav for mobile). I am currently using matchMedia along with the polyfill by Paul Irish to respond to CSS3 media query state changes within JavaScript.

The current code is only accomplishing 50% of the overall goal. If you access the web page initially with a window size equal to or greater than 999px wide then you get Superfish and if you initially access the web page with a window size less than 999px then you get FlexNav. The problem occurs when you resize the window above or below 999px as both scripts become active.

// media query event handler
if (matchMedia) {
    var mq = window.matchMedia("(min-width: 999px)");
// media query change
function WidthChange(mq) {
    if (mq.matches) {
            delay: 350,
            speed: 400,
    } else {
            'animationSpeed': '250',
            'transitionOpacity': true,
            'buttonSelector': '.menu-button',
            'hoverIntent': false
As much as I would like to get this working with matchMedia, I am open to all suggestions. I am fairly new to Javascript and would really appreciate any help.