pls help with converting a div/form to modal in backbone.js

they sent me a "test"

they said it was "very simple test", but it links to SIXTEEN javascript files.....;-)

one of the questions is convert that form that you open with the button to a modal
(I know very well how to do this in jQuery, but well, has to be in backbone...)

now I found the code to open the form here,
( createComment: function () { .... } )

how do I convert this to a modal please (proper modal, so that it closes when you click anywhere on the page..)

I have been reading thru tutorials, but I don't find it easy (they know I don't know backbone, but sent me the test anyway...;-)

I found a page on how to create modals here,

how do I apply this code to the code they have there to open that form...

thank you...