I have been putting this issue off for a long time, but it looks like my judgement day has finally arrived...

Here is the problem...

Right now, most of my scripts start off like this...

PHP Code:
// Initialize Session.

// Access Constants.

// Connect to Database.
require_once(WEB_ROOT 'private/database_settings.php');

Based on advice here at SitePoint, I have decided to move database_settings - and possibly config.php - to a directory OUTSIDE of the Web Root in Production.

The problem is that I don't know how to create a directory outside of the "project" folder that NetBeans creates.

When I open NetBeans, this is what I see in the navigator...
	Source Files

	Include Path

It seems that Source Files represents my Web Root in NetBeans, and regardless of what I try, there is no way to create a directory outside of "Source Files" (i.e. Web Root).

So this creates the problem that there is no way to mimic in my Dev environment how things will look in Production, and that means all of my Includes will be broken when I switch over?!

What are some different ways that I can address this issue?

Until I get this resolved, it makes no sense for me to finish testing my code, because if I have to switch things in Production, then all of my testing won't mean anything, so I am a dead-duck-in-the-water until this gets resolved?!