Hello everybody,

I'm working on a one-page web site, where each page is as tall as your viewport, and you can scroll down to go to the next pages. I found a nice jQuery plugin called windows.js that automatically snaps your page in place after you've scrolled down, so it always exactly fits your browser window. Works great, but I want this plugin to work on every page except for the last page. I'm not an expert with javascript, so I hope there's an easy solution for this. This is the plugin part in my code:

$(document).ready(function() {

	var $windows = $('.windows');

		snapping: true,
		snapSpeed: 400,
		snapInterval: 1200,
		onScroll: function(s){},
		onSnapComplete: function($el){},
		onWindowEnter: function($el){}
What I'm trying to achieve is that this code should run, until you've scrolled past a certain point where the last page hits the top of the window, and from there on you should be able to scroll without the 'snapping'. When you scroll back up to pages above this last one, it should run again.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance,