Im a newbie and im trying to figure out how to make a individual popup image on my wordpress website to close once i click on the image. I want it to close no matter where i click on the image.

I have checked my lightbox.js file and i dont understand what to edit or what to add.

This is the lightbox i have:

" // Generated by CoffeeScript 1.4.0

/* Lightbox v2.51 by Lokesh Dhakar -

For more information, visit:

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License - - free for use in both personal and commercial projects - attribution requires leaving author name, author link, and the license info intact

Thanks - Scott Upton(uptonic.com), Peter-Paul Koch(quirksmode.com), and Thomas Fuchs(mir.aculo.us) for ideas, libs, and snippets. - Artemy Tregubenko (arty.name) for cleanup and help in updating to latest proto-aculous in v2.05."

Can anyone help me?