Hello Everyone!

I want to ask you guys something. currently I'm doing a job for a Social Dating Website Avastring , but, I' in interested in web designing. I attended an institution for a short course of 2 months in web designing. They said they will teach us adobpe photoshop cs5, Dreamweaver , wordpress, html, css, php, flash, I thought this will b e good. But after admission we came to know that there will be only 40 lectures in the course. 4 lectures a week (duration 1 hour/lec) . They just taught us Adobe PS CS5 , HTML and Inline CSS. I got 90% marks in the final exams of that course. But when I saw professionals online, and saw they question on Odesk for the test of HTML and PS CS5 , There was nothing they taught us in the class. That test was very advanced. and now I'm worried. Did I just wasted my time in that course? what should I do now. I'm 27 years old, don't have any special degree. Just have 12 yearsy of education. want to get some job in designing.
So any Ideas or opinions are welcome.