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    Need Feedback for Split Testing Marketing Tool

    Hello everyone - I recently built and soft launched a URL shortener / split tester called nagg ( I would love your feedback and suggestions. Please try it out and see what you think. Basically it works like this:

    You choose 1-4 URL's that your ONE nagg link will send traffic to. Choose what percentage each of your URL's will receive. You'll be provided with a nagg link that will then automatically split traffic for you.

    That's the basic part. On a more advanced note, you can get a conversion pixel to see what works best, view full analytics on the traffic, etc. You can even put your nagg URL in as a form action (it carries post values) and automatically split test a page after a form. Use it however you like. There is an instructional video on the page if you need a quick how to.

    Thank you so much for checking it out! I built this for marketers and really hope it serves you well. Let me know what you think!

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    Looks like a good idea and basic site design.

    What is your overall objective? Monetise?
    In any case, I would think you would be better off with people registering before use.
    Do you want to restrict number of links per user?
    Or perhaps say this is for personal use only.

    I would try and declutter the main entry box by moving "See how it works" and adding (i) information icons that you can click to show say "Example: -"


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