Oh man I am so happy to know that, was expecting nested or anonymous class for a while now, and the latter looks totally possible for PHP 5.6. Whats real amazing is that it was just proposed on Sep 22th, and now its already 'under discussion' rather than 'in draft'. Here is one example as given from the rfc page:

PHP Code:
class MyObject extends MyStuff {
    public function 
getInterface() {
        return new class implements 
MyInterface {
/* ... */

Of course the example above only shows the proposed syntax, the power of anonymous classes will be more evident working with event classes. I actually consider the syntax a little bit verbose, why not use this instead?

simple syntax:
PHP Code:
return new MyInterface{

vs proposed syntax:
PHP Code:
return new class extends MyInterface{

But even with this minor verbosity, the anonymous class proposal is really nice and we should all support it to make to PHP 5.6. I'd love to see inner/nested class as well at some point, but Id already be happy if at least anonymous class support is added. I mean, one is better than zero like always?

Also there are other proposed features on PHP RFC that I'd really love to see in PHP 5.6, such as Extended Keyword Support(so that you can create a class called Array rather than attempting to avoid keyword conflict) and Named Parameters(likely a C# port, but its gonna be nice). Looks like Java style variable number argument-list feature is already accepted and will be implemented in PHP 5.6, it looks great and still we need a bigger feature comparable to PHP 5.3's namespace, PHP 5.4's trait and PHP 5.5's generator in PHP 5.6 since it's a major new version. Anonymous class can be this big feature, dont you agree? For me though, this is definitely the most exciting feature to be added to PHP since namespace, I cant wait to see it in action already.