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Thank you Paul O'B, more great detailed info

yet I still have not got this one correct:

<a href="#" coords="600,20">
<img src="images/feature-closeup-1-1.png" />
<p class="featureWhiteText">Easy drop-down panel for logging in and registering users.</p>
<a href="#" coords="370,200">
<img src="images/feature-closeup-1-2.png" />
<p class="featureWhiteText">Quick search facility on all pages for registered users.</p>
<a href="#" coords="550, 255">
<img src="images/feature-closeup-1-3.png" />
<p class="featureWhiteText">Stylish drop-down panel for logging in and registering users.</p>
You can't wrap anchor (a) elements around block elements (unless you are using the html5 doctype) otherwise they are not valid.

Your p element above would need to be a span to be valid in (x)html. You can of course style it exactly like a p element and make it display:block but it must be a span or other inline element.

and the code that is causing validation problem on all pages is: (same code effecting all pages)


[CODE]line 85 column 6 - Warning: <link> isn't allowed in <body> elements
It more or less tells you the problem here and style elements are not valid when in the <body> of the page. They must go in the <head> "in here" </head> section. Move them into the head and they will validate.