Hi all,

Some background information about myself:

I am a 24 year old student (final year) that is living in the UK. Previously I have studied Software Development although now I am currently studying Computer Networks and Security. I have always had a keen interest in programming, although more recently have started to sway more towards web development. Web development came about as I had been given a task at work to produce a site, and a database, which would allow migration of some data that was preivously stored in a spreadsheet. I achieved this by using HTML, PHP and MYSQL. As I enjoyed the project, over the summer I managed to obtain and study some HTML5 and CSS resources, taking in the information provided and completing the tasks given.

I now want to break in to the freelancing market (part time, for now) although without a portfolio or any previous work, I am finding this difficult. Does anybody have any advise on breaking in to the market? I would be willing to work for cheap with an extremely negotiable price tag.

Any advise is welcomed.