Howdy y'all,

I'm looking for a few good reviewers to take a look at

Here's the problem that we're trying to solve:

Merchants frequently manipulate their prices for many reasons (they are in it for the money after all). They use sneaky tactics to make consumers feel like they're getting a deal, when in reality they are not. For example, retailers will frequently raise the price of a product before putting it on sale, just to make the consumer feel like they're getting a deal when they're not. This manipulation is especially noticeable around the holidays, when prices become extremely volatile. From Oct-Dec, prices can change by the minute, as all the retailers watch each other and change their prices in response to other merchants changes. This pricing movement makes it very difficult for anyone to have a real handle on how good a price really is. We're trying to prove that you can't trust online retailers to tell you when a price is "good" or "on sale", you need real world data to back a claim like that up.

Here's how we're solving it:

The Sheep Guru service is capable of providing close to real time price monitoring for many online merchants across millions of products. We compile this pricing data, analyze it, and provide our users with a report about how good a product's price is. At a glance, shoppers are able to quickly and easlily know if they are about to get a good deal or not, regardless of the marketing nonsense that surrounds a product/merchant.

We also offer tools to help people always get the best price like: price drop alerts, interactive charts (with individual merchant pricing trends and an overall trend), a statistical analysis of the historical pricing data that went into generating the price value score, price comparison between merchants, automatic tax calculation, coupons, reviews and the price breakdown detailing the factors going into the price.

We also just launched a new report for businesses or individuals that need to develop pricing strategies for products sold online. This is a filterable report that calculates the percent difference in price between merchants. Users can either create a list of products (with their own prices), or run the report as a retailer we already have in the system. You can take a look at this if you want (link is on the footer), but I am more interested in the consumer end of the service right now.

I'm looking for reviews on a few different pages. SheepGuru is a massive site, I'm trying to keep this to a bare minimum. I appreciate your patience.

Home Page:

1) Initial impression of the home page. At a glance, do you understand what the site does? If not, what is it missing?

2) Do you like the sheep, how do they make you feel?

3) How do you feel when looking at the home page? Does it make you feel excited, angry, relaxed, frantic, disoriented, etc?

4) What do you think about the placement of the links/controls? Can you find them easily, and do you understand what they are?

5) What could be added to the home page to make the purpose of the site more clear?

6) What could be added to the home page to make navigating the site easier?


Product Pages - I have listed a few product pages below that have varying scores.

Product Page with a great price
Product Page with average price
Another Product Page with an average price, but a good rating
Product Page with a bad price

7) We want the user to be able to identify four main pieces of information: What the product is, how much is costs, if the price is a good value and how to buy it OR how to sign up for a price drop alert. When viewing the product pages, can you easily identify, and how long did it take you to identify, the above information?

8) Do you understand the price value indicator and associated text? Does it make sense to you? If it does not, what do you feel would make its purpose clearer?

9) Do you understand how to use the price breakdown? ie: Is it clear that the store selection box manipulates the price breakdown?

10) What are your thoughts about automatic sales tax calculation based on ip address? Currently, the site automatically calculates tax, and the zip code used can be changed by registered users.

11) What do you think about the price history chart? You can click the points on the best overall series to see additional details. (I have to write that on the page)


I think that's enough for now!

Thank you in advance for any feedback, it is greatly appreciated.