I just posted a question to the "Website Design" forum and it tells me that it's being held for moderation.

A real question about a project I'm doing, not a stupid SPAM or stupid back link, that I could not find covered in existing questions. I think it would help someone else if discussed, too.

As for moderation, fine and dandy, it's "your" turf, I suppose, but it's quite discouraging to be a registered member and to have to wait in line for a little visibility on a forum that doesn't even seem to be that busy. I know that newbies are a poisonous cancer and are to be distrusted at all costs but it seems quite anal.

I have searched this section for a permalinked explanation of what it takes to be anointed to post in real time and I'm getting nowhere. I know, RTFM, but forums like this have competition, you know.

How, exactly, does this work? And, assuming my post is approved, do I *also* have to be moderated just to respond to questions in that thread I started?