Hi all,

I am using Favsync public tab to promote my website (it's like you create a public collection of bookmarks and then you can backlink to your site) itís taking the description of the tab and stores it in the URL.

So for example, if I put in the description "blablabla" the address of the URL will be favsync.com/publictab/xxx/blablabla
So my description is in the address.
I was thinking to find commonly searched keywords that don't have a lot of results where the searched keyword is in the URL and then create public tabs with these descriptions.

For example: youtube video downloads
It has 200,000 monthly searches but if you search on Google you will not see many websites that have "youtubevidedownloads" in their URL

So do you think my public tab will be in the top results just because it has the search keyword in the URL?