Hey all,

I hope everyone is doing great today.

I am new to this whole wordpress thing, i am using wordpress.org to run my companies blog i was wondering if anyone has any insights as to what i should be looking for with regards to the themes?

I looked at all 800+/- that they have on wordpress and another few hundred on other sites. I do not mind paying for a theme but i need one that i can work with.

My requirements are simple it needs to be a clean cut blog, with the ability to play around with the colors (hence the CSS) and the ability to either get my logo on the top of the page as part of the theme or be able to play around enough with the HTML to create a box (or something) at the top of the page in order to put my logo there...

I already have a designer to do all the CSS and or HTML stuff that needs to be done..

Any help would be much appriciated