hi,Please i have been trying to include a row number that increases for each new row, and also make the list show by arranging the result of the query by the shop name but hitting brick wall.

this is the code

PHP Code:
    <th>ROW NO</th>
    <th>SHOP NAME</th>
    <th>PRODUCT NAME</th>
    <th>PRODUCT SIZE</th>
    <th>PRODUCT COLOUR</th>
// Get DB results and loop, outputting table rows with counter
$pplresult mysql_query("SELECT * FROM repplac WHERE Uname = '{$_SESSION['username']}'") or die(mysql_error());
   for (
$i 0$row mysql_fetch_assoc($pplresult); $i++) {
    <input type='text' name='item[
$i][Pquantity]' id='Pquantity' value='".htmlspecialchars($row['Pquantity'])."' />
    <input type='hidden' name='item[
$i][Pidno]' id='Pidno' value='".htmlspecialchars($row['Pidno'])."' />
    <input type='text' name='item[
$i][Price]' id='Pquantity' value='".htmlspecialchars($row['Price'])."' readonly>
    <td><a href='deleteproduct.php?del="
any suggestions or guide will be appreciated