Hi there.

It would be great if you could spare some time and take a look at my tool: hrefshare.com

If you know clicktotweet.com then hrefshare.com is the same, but not only for Twitter - also for Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

If you don't know clicktotweet.com - the tool enables you to quickly generate "tweet this" or "share on Facebook" links (URLs) with your custom caption included.
You can use the generated links on your blog, website, forum signatures, emails, etc.

You publish a blog post and want to include a "Twitter takeaway" with the post excerpt below it.
You go to http://hrefshare.com, enter "7% of XXXL wifes has broken husband's cellphone by sitting on it. Read more stats here: http://mystrangeblog.com/xxl-wifes-stats".
You get an URL like this: http://hrefshare.com/something.
You can now use this URL on your blog. When someone clicks on it, Twitter form will appear with your text already inside.

P.S. I'm not a native English speaker and I really struggle to explain the tool in short on its homepage..
Perhaps you could help me out?