I have been using subdomains to create development sites and the url structure goes like this: http://dev.domain.com

It can be a bit of a pain due to the wait time involved with cPanel to create the subdomain and then it may take hours or even most of the day for the subdomain to actually show up, even after flushing my DNS cache.

So can a development environment use ports instead of subdomain? http://domain:81
Is it any easier to set up ports than subdomains for development environments?

Also, I am on a shared host with Hostgator so I don't have a VPS or a Dedicated Server. I have thought about testing locally and this could be great for bandwidth improvements (no upload/download times while working locally) but I don't see it as being very efficient for showing clients the work. It means every time I want to show new work I would have to upload files to the server anyways and this could actually mean more time involved in the long-run with fighting with the database, or any other discrepancies with the local and hosted versions along the way.

So in my opinion, I might as well be working with the real-time editor inside Coda 2. However, am I missing something crucial here that could greatly improve my development environments? I was reading this post http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/other/http-resources/ and it mentioned ports can be used for development environments so I figured I would ask on here if people prefer to use ports over subdomains and testing locally on here?

Any reasons why?