Hello, first off my name is David and I am tasked with building a intranet website for our company. We have some fairly grand plans for it eventually but for right now we just want it to "host" (be the interface for) a asset tracking database. I am going through a article on the MySQL website called "Building a Database-Driven Web Site Using PHP and MySQL" which so far is great but I am having trouble installing PHP. I went to the website and downloaded the most recent version and downloaded the binary zip (I think) and unzipped it on the server (I have a test server that I am playing on so if I break it I just rebuild and the rest of the company never notices) but the files that I unzipped have no installer file or anything so I am confused as to what to do from here. Did I download the wrong thing? The article points to another article that guides through installing PHP the link is no good. Any help here would be much appreciated.