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    Defining modal structures using Html5 elements

    I'm pretty inexperienced as far as html goes and even less so with html5.

    I have a question regading modal popups - page sections that are interacted with using javascript/ajax. These are not generally in the main html flow - I might for instance place all my modal code at the end of the page for maintainability. The question is - should I be declaring these chunks of the page as sections, or something else?

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    HTML5 is pretty vague about the uses of <section>, <article>, <aside> and so on, so it's up to you, really. To me, though, items like that are good candidates for <article>, as that element is for distinct items that have a life of their own, so to speak. (Think of "article" in the sense of an "item" or "entity", like "an article of clothing".)
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    They be working on an actual dialog element. I think until then you can choose whichever markup you want: if you're sectioning the heck out of every chunk, then I suppose a dialog would also be one too. If not, then not.

    Modal dialogs are a pain in the butt to make accessible for screen reader users and stuff like Dragon, so a native element would be sooooo nice.

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