My office is in the (slow) process of moving from an MS Access database solution to MSSQL Server. Currently they're still ironing out some details on how the setup is going to be, so for now I'm still stuck using Access.

Recently we got a database sent to us that I have to build a web tool around. Since I thought we'd be using MSSQL by now, I asked for it in that format, so they sent me a backup (.bak) file of the database. I asked our server guys to convert it to Access, and when they did, the resulting database was missing the PK and auto-number attributes for the ID columns in each table, the latter of which is not all that easy to add afterwords.

Since this is something I've seen before (we had the exact same problem when converting one of our Access dbs to MSSQL), and will likely see again, I'd like to do something to prevent it.

Does anyone have a link to any sort of step-by-step process or tutorial on how to do these conversions the right way? I'd like to get a database I can use without running a bunch of scripts across it.