This week in our Talk with the Experts chatroom we have our very own Thom Parkin talking the basics of Spelling & Grammar.

In Thom's own words:
On the Web (even as a microcosm of the entire world) clear, concise communication is very important. When writing, such as in a blog post or on a web forum, it is even more critical the message is received as intended. English is the universal language for Sitepoint (and most of the web) but it is a very difficult language. It is full of contradictory rules and subtle confusing variations. Over many years as a native English ("American") speaker, I have devised a few tricks and techniques to help avoid the most common grammar and spelling mistakes.
So whether English is your second language or you just need some help getting your head around those annoying little mistakes that bug us all, make sure you drop in this week to pick up some tips from Thom.

Session time: 2:30pm PDT on Thur 12 Sept or find out what time it will be at your place here.

You can join the live chat here.