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    How do I fix "This page can't be displayed" error in c#?

    How do I fix "This page can't be displayed" error in c#?

    I was debugging a localhost and I have made some very minor code changes and ran it again and now I get an error I have never gotten before. In nice big blue letters it tells me "This page can't be displayed".

    What do you think would cause this error and how would I go about fixing it? It offers a button that says "Fix connection problems", but this is a localhost browser, so there are no connection, really. I clicked the button anyway and it did not offer any solution. I also refreshed the page, as suggested and it did nothing.

    I test my localhost in the browser and it is working.

    What do you think?

    I have created a "hello world" c# web site with visual studio from scratch and it did not reproduce the error

    Here is a link to a screen shot:

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    Check your event viewer. Chances are you have an invalid entry or something wrong in your web.config or your aspx file (improper closing tags related to an control, for example).


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