Hi, I'm digging into front-end web design by creating a site for the family business. I have had a bit of experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the past, but it was usually editing work that someone else started. I've taken a few courses on Learnable (Getting Started with CSS, Responsive Web Design: Key Concepts), and Russ Weakly suggests using HTML5 Boilerplate. There seems to be a lot of info in those files that I'm not sure I'll need (and my grasp on what they do is loose at best). I'm just wondering if this is a good place to start for my needs, and if so a beginner-friendly explanation of what everything in the boilerplate does.

The site I'm designing is essentially going to be a few gallery pages that shows some products with info, and links to Etsy pages where the products can be purchased. Nothing too crazy, but I would like the site to be mobile-friendly. So, where to begin?