Hi everyone, I hope some can help lol it's been doing my head in.... I've just been editing the included sample up to now..
it's the Cubiq Spinning Wheel on Webkit for iPhone. Basically if someone could just enlighten me on how to change the code in the sample to achieve the following, I'd be eternally grateful:

What I'm trying to achieve is to have the picker load on startup, and be permanently on the screen. i wanted an output on startup too before any wheels were touched, and then live output after that. I'd probably remove the buttons from the picker also.

What I achieved: permanently on the screen and the results output on startup before wheels are spun by adding onload openWeight() done() to the body tag. I also managed to get live results to be output in several ways but with different side effects, either momentum animation was affected or it would seem to work but.... If the wheels were spun fast so they spun a while after Mouseup/touchup or whatever and the spin stopped within the boundaries then the output result would not change, however if the spin fell outside the boundaries and bounced back then the result would output. So basically I need the result to be captured after all animation has ended.

Thanks again for reading this long winded post.