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    Toggle All Open / Closed: with toggles opened and closed on load

    I am not a js developer. Using js libraries, and a slowing increasing understanding I have created a number of "toggles" for clients. I am stumped on this one. The client wants a number of toggles on a page. Some of them will be open by default when the page loads and some of them will be closed. I can do this. Then there will be a "meta-toggle" at the top of the page which will allow the user to toggle all the toggles into an open or a closed position. I have used "accordion toggle" to create a page with a number of toggles which are all closed by default when the page loads -- and the html page has a meta-toggle at top to open and close all the previously closed (or then opened) toggles -- but the open and closed default on load with a meta-toggle has me completely stumped. Can anyone help???

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    Welcome to the forums

    Quote Originally Posted by dmenyuk View Post
    Can anyone help???
    Probably. We would need to see some HTML and JS first, though.
    If possible, please use this template to make a short example that reproduces your issue.


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