I just wanted to let you know that JoomlaShine - www.joomlashine.com has just update the website with a totally new look. Wed love some feedback on the site.

In the new main site, we want to strengthen the Joomla community in our own way Providing free yet high-quality stuff: Templates, extensions and e-books. Now they are all gathered in a hub. You can just come to one place to get them all! Joomlashine website is designed to present beautifully from a mobile device. It is clean and clear. We want to make all the process become easier. Do you think it got that point?

This website is built based on Joomla 2.5, with some popular Joomla extensions such as:
  • JSN ImageShow: to create the stunning image gallery in site.
  • JSN LightCart: simple the way you shop online.
  • JSN UniForm: to create the form
  • EasyBlog from StackIdeas to create the blog
  • Livechat program from Subiz
  • And the rest modules are the default Joomla core components.

Please have a look at the new design and let me know your thought. Your participation will be highly appreciated