I want to create content authoring tool (similar to articulate storyline) rich DESKTOP application with below features:

- Integration of templates slide
- Integration of multiple templates.
- Import templates from powerpoint and other sources.
- Multimedia support like flash interaction, import video, audio, image,adjust brightness, contrast and drawing tools
- Integrate Video features along with built in video editor.
- Integrate Animation/Transition/simulation features in slides
- Insert characters and ability to resize and redraw.
- Theme and colour theme.
- Record Screen and convert it into slide along with ability to edit video.
- Setting trigger on slide
- Auto Save User can switch off/on auto save feature.

I am doing technology check so Please let me know if this is feasible with window form or WPF? Do I need to use any framework?
Please provide detail if any one has done this kind of work in the past