So I ran into an interesting problem yesterday with Rackspace Cloud. They changed there mySQL settings placing a limit on the number of rows a join can create, the number is huge so it shouldn't be an issue. That being said this one query is a major issue. From what they said I am creating more than a quadrillion rows with this query for a final output of only 307 rows. Clearly this is a problem. So I am here to ask does anyone see where I am going so wrong. Bear in mind this query gives me everything I need and completes in way under a second.

Any help or ideas is really appreciated. I guess a hint would be if I remove the first join it works fine under the limit.

SELECT pg.pg_id
					, pg.pg_title
					, pg.pg_description
					, pg.pg_main_photo
					, pg.pg_purchase_link
					, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(pg.gallery_date) AS gdate
					, pg.pg_purchase_link
					, p.photog_id
					, p.pg_id
					, pg.gallery_type
					, photos.number
					, town.towns
					 FROM p_galleries AS pg
						 JOIN pg_photographer AS p
						 	ON pg.pg_id = p.pg_id 
                                                 LEFT OUTER JOIN
							(SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(pc_id) AS cat, pg_id FROM pg_categories GROUP BY pg_id)
								AS cats
									ON pg.pg_id = cats.pg_id
						 	(SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(p_town_id) AS towns, pg_id FROM pg_towns GROUP BY pg_id)
								AS town
									ON pg.pg_id = town.pg_id
							(SELECT COUNT(p_id) AS number, pg_id FROM photos_galleries GROUP BY pg_id)
								AS photos
									ON photos.pg_id = pg.pg_id 
							WHERE pg.pg_id = $(a specific gallery id)