Hi guys,

I had a client who had rented a unit in a large chain supermarket. I produced an advert for them which featured a bag of shopping from said supermarket (I honestly don't know if my client actually had the artwork printed or actually used it, last I heard they were seeking authorization to use the logo).

The bag of shopping was featured only to illustrate that my client's company would 'buy your shopping' if you found their deal cheaper else where.

Now, I want to display this ad in my portfolio of work (but of course the supermarket logo is on the plastic bags).

Is this okay to use?

I'm not claiming to have worked, or been endorsed by the super market at all. Only stating that the client had a unit inside the supermarket premises and that *this* was a promo flyer design we produced for the client.

On a side-note: I remember seeing other designer portfolios where they will do mock-adverts for the latest mobile & smartphone handsets, or new TV sets etc and include logos like Nokia and Sony in their artwork and the ads are just for fun to showcase their skills (i assume with a credible name or in a setting that loans a real-life scenario to their work) so that's kinda of similar I guess.