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    pls help with styling a button....

    so my client wants this slick look for the login form...
    (yes text boxes and submit button have to look the same......;-)

    but am having a hard time with submit button...
    I have examples of two forms here,

    one with intput type="submit" and one with a <button>.....

    in both cases I can't get the submit button to have the same height as the text boxes (am giving these no height, and am hoping to not have to.. but even giving them a height, created problems, even more problems, actually... if I give them a height and take away all padding, the button is still not the same height as the text boxes.....:-( yikes....)

    thank you...

    PS: and this will be a lot of fun also, as am having a hard time with the font color for placeholder text in FF... this is just grand....;~))

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    Just adding margin: 0 to the button fixes it for me in Chrome.

    Having the same design for the inputs and the button is not a great idea, though, as it's confusing for users ... But, of course, if the clients want users to be confused and frustrated, then you have to give them what they want ... (or deserve) ...


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