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    How to streamline the design/development process??

    I take pride in my custom websites I make, I don't use Wordpress or other templated site generators. I enjoy using Photoshop as a canvas and then coding from hand, knowing exactly what is going into each page. I don't think too much about site structure first (besides number of links in the main nav), I usually just open a blank canvas in PS and get to work on the design. I feel with no limitations in what I can design the more creative I can be.

    However it's not always the quickest of processes. I'd like to be able to take on more projects and churn more sites out, but I also don't like to limit this creative process either. It's hard for me to also give up control and switch over to something like a WordPress when I'm so use to coding by hand.

    For those of you like me, or who use to be like me, what new techniques or tools have you adopted to help you become more efficient at creating websites?


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    Maybe i will not give the best reply or the answer you want to hear but i switched to wordpress and combine the 2 in order to get the same creativity... Sure it's easy to generate a wordpress theme but it's more nice and good when you make a theme from scratch by using a Child theme... it's more fun and also nice to see the design you made live on wordpress blog...

    If you take only design and creativity on your work.. im sorry to say Nowday it is not enough.. search engine bots look for blog systems.. Customers need a websites that they can handle alone, adding content..etc which is impossible by using a standard html/css website....


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