I am designing a web application for identification of plants and currently being my subject of my M.Sc. dissertation.
The webpage app is here: www.maltawildplants.com/key.html

There are two side by side images showing a specimen of a plant. I need to advance this feature by having a set of images instead one which the user can scroll with a next/prev button and hopefully enlarge to a full size with another button (but this is of less priority against the next/prev scroll slideshow). The app is php/mysql based (I know very little on java) and the image data should be fed to the script by php code. I was hoping that there is already a script / function that can be integrated in my app.

I need something very simple (ideally in php) which can be altered to custom the app.

This would be the ideal scenario

function simpleslideshow ($datarray) {slideshow php script}

simpleslideshow $dataplant10

$dataplant10 = array(pic1.jpg, pic2.jpg, pic3.jpg, pic4.jpg, pic5.jpg,);
(pic1.jpg - pic5.jpg will be fetched from MySql database)

Result: Image pic1.jpg is displayed in its <td> </td> cell and when user click next arrow, pic2.jpg is shown (if with transitions, that wold be a cherry on the cake!)

What's more challanging is that when the user hovers over another cell, the slideshow changes but let's tackle one problem at a time.... I just need this kind of slideshow script.