I am from England and run a football fansite which is growing at a pretty good rate in terms of hits so in time comes company's who want to advertise on my website - to which I don't have a problem with but I have never had to deal with a company from another country.

In the contract they state that "Any disputes arising from the performance of this Agreement shall be resolved by a court of law with jurisdiction over the area where the Customer's registered office is situated. "

Now I have no plans to not forfull my end of the agreement but lets say something happens out of my control. They then could take me to court by the letter of their countrys law. When I asked about it being under both English and their country they stated "I talk with our lawyer. He said that we are the customer, we paid you and we can't change it.
You don't risk anything if You keep the terms of contract. Our company risk money so we need to have additional security."

So I guess I am just wondering where I stand?