I'm trying to extract "three" and/or "(3)" from all of these patterns. The strings are never the same size and the words are sometimes incorrect, so I can't do an easy preg_match syntax on it.

There are a lot of similar words that proceed the string though. A perfect sentence is "PRIMARY TERM: This leaseshall remain in force for a primary term of three (3) years from the effective date hereof, and as long thereafter..."

My initial thoughts are to use similar_text and preg_match, but I haven't thought up a good way just yet. Any ideas how this could be done?

PHP Code:
$String '.... remain in force for a primy term OL three (3) years from the effective date hereof, and as lo....';
$String2 '.... *JE~ in force for a primary torm of three (*B years from the effective date hereof, .......';
$String3 '.... remain in farce for a primary term OL threA (3 years from the effective date hereof, and as lo....'