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There was so much talk about VB5 failure to organize code in the proper manner. How did you decided to go ahead with VB5? That was probably one of the main concerns. I recently (5 months ago) moved two very large forums from VB4 to Xenforo and IPB. My clients and I decided that VB5 is not and will never be something that we can build from. Had serious problems with IPB movement and URL structure, but we managed to produce nice output at the end. Now we learned that IPB is releasing new version with redesigned core. This means that custom plugins are obsolete.

BTW I like the speed of VB5 and so far it seems like it is working nicely. Good job. Look is little bit plain, but I am sure you will manage to produce something nice in the next several months.

This isn't VB5 (and that was intentional AFAIK)