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    Unhappy How install and use ffmpeg on Mac OS X?

    I'm pretty well into computers but not a full fledged geek.
    Have tried to understand how to install and use ffmpeg but feel like a five year old.
    I'm on Mac OS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard (tried Mavericks but reverted back).
    As far as understand, I need Xcode which I have installed.
    Then I need either MacPort or some other app I don't recall the name of.
    Then I'm supposed to use the Terminal to download whatever files needed.
    Then I'm completely stumped. How will I then use the converter? Where's the interface?
    I don't understand anything.
    Can someone please explain how to download, install and use ffmpeg as if I actually is five years old?

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    I've never used it, but it appears the interface is not a GUI but a CLI

    If you're not familliar with using the command prompt, do yourself a favor and check the documentation often and take it slow.

    I'm guessing that after you get everything set up you'll have less trouble using the API

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    You should consider using the newest version avconv since ffmpeg is deprecated.

    As for installing the lib that is going to be a tall order without experience compiling software from source. Though a quick google search revealed some possible solutions.
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