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    How to display search results using thinking sphinx

    I have thinking sphinx setup with my search form, but it is returning all users instead of users with the data I searched.

    In the users controller:

    Code Ruby:
    def index
    @users = params[:query].blank? ? User.all :[:query])

    user_index.rb (inside /indices):

    Code Ruby:
    ThinkingSphinx::Index.define :user, :with => :active_record do
      # fields
      indexes name, :as => :user, :sortable => true
      indexes [ethnicity, religion, about_me, sexuality, children, user_smoke, user_drink, age, gender]
    # attributes
      has id, created_at, updated_at

    I have nothing for thinking sphinx inside my User model, not sure if I need to go that route. Any help would be appreciated
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