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Thread: email alert

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    email alert


    I am trying to set up email alert for my forum. I tried to follow the solution offered to other people (User Control Panel/Board Preferences/Edit Posting Defaults/Notify me on reply by default yes) but when I tried to send a test reply I don't receive any email. I will find useful if my forum users can all receive email alerts.

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    Welcome to Sitepoint, @sugunasri ;
    There are many members here who - I am sure - have ventured down the very same path and can offer you great advice on your problem.

    It would be very helpful if you can provide a bit more detail about your environment.
    • Who is the host?
    • What is the Control Panel?
    • What forum software are you using?
    • What language (PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc)?

    Any other details about your system and set up would permit a more precise answer more quickly.
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