I have a set of images fadeing in and fadeing out, and basically i want some text to follow suit, so when the background of the image is white the text is black and when the background if the image is black the text is white.

This is the code of that bit below:

<div class="text_Colour">
<h1 style="text-transform:uppercase; font-size:14px; font-weight:normal;">James Sommerin Restaurant Penarth...</h1>

<div id="BackgroundImage">
<img id="image1" class="BackgroundImage ImageLeft" alt="" src="images/home_Slider/Sommerin_4.jpg">
<img id="image2" class="BackgroundImage ImageLeft" alt="" src="images/home_Slider/Sommerin_3.jpg">
<img id="image3" class="BackgroundImage ImageLeft" alt="" src="images/home_Slider/Sommerin_2.jpg">
<img id="image4" class="BackgroundImage ImageLeft" alt="" src="images/home_Slider/Sommerin_1.jpg">
$('.text_Colour').css({ color: '#000000' });
$('.text_Colour').css({ color: '#ff0000' });
I dont think I'm far off if it cant be done, but could do with some help.

Here is the link to see it in action.