I've created a website for my girlfriend's lingerie company using Opencart, and being completely honest the look and feel of the site needs a huge overhaul.

We've both spent a considerable amount of time looking at themes for Opencart but couldn't find anything suitable (she shortlisted 6 themes, along with pages of notes, but isn't particularly happy with any of them) but then stumbled across this Magento theme which she absolutely loves.

She's now keen to move across to Magento, but noticed how slow the site is, and reading up on performance issues in Magento (1 , 2) as well as the many features locked away in the very costly Enterprise edition is quite off-putting.

I'm basically wondering if we should move the site to Magento, or if I should try to re-create something with a similar look in Opencart? Opencart certainly hasn't been perfect for us (in particular we've had a lot of email configuration problems, that still won't let us send HTML emails) but on the whole I've been happy with it, and the performance is great.

Would really appreciate any thoughts on this, since moving to Magento would be a huge commitment and not one we could easily backtrack on at a later date

Thank you!